Wellington super city process flawed

Labour’s Wellington MPs say the Government must take responsibility for the flawed process around the proposed super city for their region.

“This entire process has been a waste of time, energy and money,” Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins says.

“It has distracted local government in the Wellington region for several years for absolutely no benefit.

“National needs to accept the responsibility for this as they set up this flawed process when they changed the Local Government Act.

“Their changes reduced the rights and roles of local communities, and pushed forward National’s agenda of forcing amalgamations.

“The proposal for a Wellington region super city was doomed to fail because it didn’t take into account the views of the vast majority of local ratepayers.

“There is however, room for more cooperation and collaboration between Councils to ensure the greater Wellington region delivers the services and support the community needs.

“Future proposals for reform of Wellington’s local government must be driven by the views and needs of its local communities,” Chris Hipkins says.

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