Vanguard applies to become designated character school

Vanguard is the first of 11 charter schools currently operating to put its application in to establish itself as a school of designated character, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins says.

“The Ministry of Education will now begin consultation with schools in the area and others in the sector about Vanguard’s proposal. According to section 157 of the Education Act 1989, consultation is required when changes to the local state schooling network are being considered,” Mr Hipkins says.

 “The Ministry has been in discussions with these schools. Those discussions have reached a point where Vanguard has put its application through and other schools need some clarity on timeframes they’re working towards.

“That’s why it’s now appropriate to set a deadline for applications to join the state school network. The remaining charter schools will have until 1 May 2018 to put in their applications should they wish to make this transition.

“This will mean decisions can be made in July and provide certainty to the students, their parents, whānau and the schools about their status for the 2019 school year.

“The Ministry of Education will work closely with the schools to assist them in this process.

“We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be, regardless of where they live, or their personal circumstances. We are reviewing the entire school system and will put a greater emphasis on ensuring all our schools in the state system deliver that opportunity for all New Zealanders.

“The Ministry has advised the schools of the deadline.

“The Education Amendment Bill, which has a number of functions including removing the charter school model from legislation, is on track to come into law in September,” Chris Hipkins says.

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  • Karl Corkhill
    commented 2018-04-07 16:11:53 +1200
    As a proud parent of a student at Vanguard, I can only hope that the Government will consider allowing Vanguard to operate on the current model. In asking this I request consideration of the positive results the school has achieved both in attendance and academic and for the Government to look into the high level of student engagement. The school treats all students equally and provides a supportive learning environment. Vanguard is working and I hope that it will be allowed to continue to work as it has.
    Thank you and kind regards,