Trentham land sell off disgraceful

The government’s decision to sell vacant Housing New Zealand land in Trentham is disgraceful, Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins says.

“Ever since they made the decision to demolish the state houses that used to sit on the site it has been clear Housing NZ were aiming to hock off the land rather than re-build.

“Their claim that there isn’t demand for low-cost rental accommodation in Upper Hutt is absolute nonsense. We have people living in cars and caravans for goodness sake.

“This is yet another asset sale from a government that promised New Zealanders at the last election that they wouldn’t sell any more assets.

“National changed the criteria for state housing so that a lot of needy families don’t even make it onto the waiting list. Now they are using that to claim that there isn’t demand. It’s just disgraceful.

“The land in Trentham provides a great opportunity for a development with a mixture of affordable homes for first-home buyers and new state houses for those that need them.

“I’d far rather see that sort of development than the sale of land to a developer who can build expensive houses that local families won’t be able to afford. Sadly that’s what’s likely to happen if this sale goes ahead.

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