Stadium must retain Walter Nash name

The new community and sports centre being built in Taita should retain Walter Nash in its name, Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins says.

“Walter Nash was the Hutt Valley’s longest serving MP and our only Prime Minister to date. He dedicated his life to the service of his local community and our country.

“The stadium in Taita was named after Walter Nash in recognition of his incredible service. I would hate to see it swallowed up and forgotten as it becomes part of a much bigger complex.

“I have written to the Northern Ward Community Committee and all Hutt City Councillors urging them to adopt the name ‘Walter Nash Te Mako Centre’ for the new complex.

“I believe that name honours Sir Walter whilst also recognizing the local area’s Maori heritage.

Some notes on Sir Walter Nash

  • Sir Walter Nash was a Member of Parliament from 1929 – 1986, and for more than 55 years he served the residents of Taita and the Hutt Valley.
  • He was Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and New Zealand’s first Ambassador to the United States.
  • As a member of the first Labour government Sir Walter helped bring about economic and social reforms which have helped many people not just in Taita and the Hutt Valley but throughout New Zealand.
  • That government’s building of the first state houses was one of the key factors that eventually led to the creation of the Taita community.
  • Sir Walter was a great humanitarian. As Ambassador to the United States he led the formation of the International Monetary Fund and General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT).
  • He represented New Zealand on the Pacific War Council, inspiring the renaming of that body to as the peace council, a further step towards the foundation of the United Nations. Sir Walter as Minister of Finance helped in the formation of CORSO.
  • Sir Walter was a very popular Member of Parliament and keenly participated in local community events and sporting activities.
  • By 1932 he was Patron, President and Vice President of 66 sports clubs in the Hutt Valley, while also being actively involved in many other social clubs and community organisations in his electorate.

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