Parata in denial over early childhood education cuts

Hekia Parata is living in a parallel universe if she thinks cutting funding for early childhood services with fully qualified staff will result in higher quality and better outcomes for children, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says.

Today in Parliament the Education Minister first tried to blame Labour, then she tried to deny National made the funding cut, then she claimed she didn’t know, then she tried to say it wouldn’t matter.

“The facts are simple. National cut funding for early childhood services with fully qualified staff back in 2010 and now teachers are being made redundant and having their hours reduced as a result.

“Research shows participation in quality early childhood education makes a huge difference to a child’s progress when they move onto school and even further in life. This isn’t an area the Government should be cutting corners in.

“Labour has been very clear. We will prioritise restoring funding for services that employ fully qualified teachers and lift quality requirements so that all children get the best possible start in life,” Chris Hipkins says.

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