Hipkins confirmed as Labour candidate for Rimutaka

The Rimutaka Labour Party confirmed Chris Hipkins as their candidate for this year’s general election at their Annual General Meeting last night.

Mr Hipkins said he was delighted to accept the nomination and is looking forward to the forthcoming campaign.

“I’ve absolutely loved the opportunity to represent the people of the Hutt Valley in Parliament over the past eight years. It’s an enormous privilege to be an MP, and one that you have to keep earning. I’ve never taken anything for granted and I don’t intend to start doing so now.

“We’ll run an active and visible campaign leading up to election day. I’ll be out and about doing what I always do, working hard for our local residents and fighting for them in parliament.

Mr Hipkins, who became a father for the first time in October, said that juggling parenthood with his parliamentary workload had created a few new challenges.

“No question, the day I became a Dad was the best day of my life. It’s altered my priorities and reminded me why I’m here.

“I’m still working just as hard as an MP, but I’ve had to prioritise a bit more and stop worrying about trivial things. Seeing the world through the eyes of a four month old certainly does remind you of what’s important.

Mr Hipkins is optimistic about Labour’s chances of forming government later this year.

“All of the time I’ve been an MP so far has been in opposition, and I’d love to be part of the next Labour government where we would be in a position to really make a difference.

“The National government have run out of steam and ideas when it comes to the really big issues like fixing the housing crisis and easing the enormous financial pressure families find themselves under. More and more people are telling me they think it’s time for change.

“We’ve been working hard to regain voters trust. I think it’s going to be a very exciting campaign and I can’t wait to get into it,” Mr Hipkins said. 

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